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sunday snacking: citrus cranberry muffins (vegan)

Today is the most beautiful warm and sunny day we’ve had so far this year. Instead of being outside (scrubbing my balcony clean), or riding my bike with some friends, I’m here, indoors (but with my windows fully open), writing…

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pretty in pink: fennel, grapefruit, & blood orange salad

Winter salads don’t need your bad rap. While I love slaws and hearty grain salads, it’s nice to mix things up with a bright, light salad that isn’t a slouch in the flavour department. Fennel, red onion, grapefruit and blood…

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simple can be fancy: soy, ginger & blood orange baked trout fillets

I find that taking photos for my blog can be quite trying at times. It’s either too dark or I can’t be bothered to set up for a good shot or my camera batteries have died. Often times, when I…

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sexy beast: blood orange & rosemary roast chicken with roast vegetables

I love making a whole roast chicken. Lemon and rosemary is always a favorite flavour combo, as is a really garlicy pesto and roasting a chicken stuffed with homemade preserved lemons is to die for. But you want to know…

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