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a bright spot: autumn chickpea & greens stew

September, you are gorgeous and I wish I could be outside right now to enjoy it all. However, despite the filtered sunshine and the turning leaves, I’ve become a whiny little jerk lately. All because earlier this week I woke…

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golden hour: late summer vegetable & orzo bake

I love late summer. It’s not deathly hot outside and the air is comfortable and breezy. I love how the sun sits low in the sky and gives everything a golden, rosy glow. Everything seems much more precious because soon autumn…

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farm fresh dinner: new potatoes, braised greens and a beet salad

This weekend we got out into the country. On Saturday there was a hike to Lindeman Lake (don’t listen to your guidebook, it’s definitely not “easy”) and afterward, there was time to check out a few local farm markets. I…

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i heart crafts bazaar and other news

This Sunday September 28th, I will have a table at the *I Heart Crafts* Bazaar, a craft fair held from 11 am to 6 pm in Strathcona, at the Ukrainian Cultural Center, 805 East Pender St. Vancouver. I had a…

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waste not, want not: beet greens & fried potatoes topped with a poached egg

It’s a real shame that people don’t eat beet greens. When I was talking to my dad last weekend and I prepared him Swiss Chard for the first time (which he loved), I told him that the chard was very…

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