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holiday baking ideas (part 2) + cute printable gift tags!

This year I took the slow boat towards Christmas and only started really thinking about holiday baking and decorating this past weekend. Friday night we put up our shiny little tinsel tree, drank a few amaretto sours and basked in…

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holiday baking & gift ideas

If you are like me, you probably haven’t started your holiday baking yet. I’m making plans but I just need a nice chunk of time to immerse myself in butter, chocolate and flour. To get myself started, I took a…

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happy easter: hot cross buns with cinnamon icing

I grew up eating hot cross buns at Easter. My mom would come back from the grocery store with a bag filled with a double layer of 8 hot crossed buns. We’d heat them up in the oven for a…

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taste of summer: black(berry) bottom cake

Like I mentioned in a previous entry, I’ve begun Operation: Cupboard Clean-Out to make moving apartments seem like less of a chore. This tactical maneouver isn’t only about cleaning out the cupboard….the freezer is fair game as well. Last summer…

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some velvet afternoon: red velvet (cup)cake

I love red velvet cake. I remember hearing so much about this fabled Southern dessert that when I actually made it for the first time, I was a bit disappointed that the only thing that made it red was the…

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love proof: chocolate truffle tart

I’m a sucker for love so pretty much every day seems like Valentine’s Day. Yesterday Cornelius jokingly said that Valentine’s Day is the day where you have to prove your love to the other person! After laughing, I decided that…

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