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winter salad eats: arugula 2 ways

I love arugula and it’s starting to be an addiction. What I don’t like are those plastic boxes it comes in – you know, the organic stuff from California? I hate waste and seeing those plastic boxes piled up in…

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green curlicues: arugula & garlic scape pesto

We’ve been with our CSA for a few years now and it’s always been a bit of a slow go. The first share is small but slowly, as the farming season ramps up, each consecutive share gets bigger and bigger.…

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crunch + color: glorious bowl

I’ve always been a┬ávoracious┬áreader, though, I’ve got a few friends who have me beat. They read so many books a month that it puts my book pile to shame. But it’s good because they always have so many interesting books…

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splash of colour: farro & arugula salad with beets

There’s a bit of a cupboard clean-out going on in my kitchen. I have one cupboard divided in half: one side for savory things, like rice, grains and canned goods and one side for baking stuff, sugar, coconut, etc. And…

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farm fresh dinner: new potatoes, braised greens and a beet salad

This weekend we got out into the country. On Saturday there was a hike to Lindeman Lake (don’t listen to your guidebook, it’s definitely not “easy”) and afterward, there was time to check out a few local farm markets. I…

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