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clumpy & crisp applesauce granola

Having a food blog is a completely odd thing. I’m sure my neighbours wonder why I’m taking photos of my food on the balcony on at 8pm on a Wednesday evening (hello neighbours, it’s because there’s still some good light…

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toasted oats with yogurt & fresh applesauce

Remember way back when I declared myself a genius? Well, I’m toasting oats again and riding those genius coattails into fame and fortune. Okay, there’s no fame and certainly no fortune, I’m still half asleep and haven’t had my daily…

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bakery hack: smart cookies

One of my favorite cookies is the Power Cookie sold at Capers Markets around town. It’s freaking delicious and it’s filled with all kinds of nuts and seeds and other good things. After devouring one quickly on the street, I…

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spread the love: maple apple butter

I mentioned last week that I was smitten with apples and my love of the fruit is still holding strong. I’ve been snacking all week on the delicious Newtown Pippins that I purchased at the UBC Apple Festival but after…

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a nice evening for a date: chewy date-nut squares

During the summer I had an unabashed addiction to Larabars. Raw, natural and delicious, I was partial to the Cherry Pie, Chocolate Mint and the Chocolate Coconut bars but didn’t want to spend all my hard-earned cash on those pricey…

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wait, there’s green in my muffin! chocolate zucchini muffins + applesauce

The other night I discovered a new food blog, Pinch My Salt. It’s filled with lovely photographs and beautiful looking recipes. And when I spotted the recipe for Chocolate Zucchini Muffins, I knew it would be the perfect recipe to…

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