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put the crack in cracker: chocolate-covered caramel crunch

What more can be said about this super addictive snack (crack)? It’s been written in about a hundred different places and it all started here. It’s seriously good. Insanely addictive. Shall I go on? The crazy thing about this candy…

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balls! balls! balls! buckeyes and snowballs for all!

My friend just had her birthday a little while ago and because I got sick and then she got sick, I haven’t gotten around to passing along her gifts yet. Tonight the hand-off will take place, barring any unforseen sicknesses!…

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the contessa’s voluptuous breakfast: orange yogurt

A couple of weeks ago, I had company for brunch and I wracked my brain trying to figure out what to make. After consulting recipe books and perusing my blogroll, I decided to keep things familiar. I made some almond…

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pantry raid: vanilla almond granola

I’m definitely in holiday mode, not cooking mode. Truth be told, there’s not a lot of baking or cooking going on when there’s itineraries to think about, travel forums to peruse, and how to pack 35 days of clothing &…

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2 kinds of summer salads? creamy red, white and green potato salad + creamy asian slaw

Summer long weekends are the definition of perfection. With all the barbeques, picnics and friendly get-togethers, it’s a perfect time for sharing food. We had our own little Canada Day celebration over the weekend and food (and beer) definitely played…

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puddin’ n’ tain: coconut rice pudding

When I have leftover rice, I usually end up making some fried rice, a cold rice salad or fried rice patties. This time, I decided to experiment with making something sweet. I was all set to make some totally faux-horchata…

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