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a tart tingler: sour cherry smoothie

Me and fruit have a rocky past. Most tropical fruits except for pineapple, no thank you.¬†All stripes and dimples of melons is another no-go.¬†Bananas and me have never been friends (well, except when it comes to banana bread & then…

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pretty in pink: fennel, grapefruit, & blood orange salad

Winter salads don’t need your bad rap. While I love slaws and hearty grain salads, it’s nice to mix things up with a bright, light salad that isn’t a slouch in the flavour department. Fennel, red onion, grapefruit and blood…

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lemon cornmeal waffles

I don’t get breakfast skippers. Even when I’m working hard at my computer and slugging back multiple coffees, I’m all about a good breakfast. My archives are full of breakfast inspiration, but I’m also content with a bowl of store-bought…

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clumpy & crisp applesauce granola

Having a food blog is a completely odd thing. I’m sure my neighbours wonder why I’m taking photos of my food on the balcony on at 8pm on a Wednesday evening (hello neighbours, it’s because there’s still some good light…

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tahini ginger slaw

Sorry, I forgot to take a photo of the slaw pre-demolition. All I have left is a dirty bowl. Proof that the slaw was indeed delicious. I had been seeing a few coleslaw recipes popping up lately and I decided…

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