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i heart crafts bazaar and other news

This Sunday September 28th, I will have a table at the *I Heart Crafts* Bazaar, a craft fair held from 11 am to 6 pm in Strathcona, at the Ukrainian Cultural Center, 805 East Pender St. Vancouver. I had a…

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on hold

This month isn’t the best. It’s raining endlessly and it seems more like October than July. I’m not impressed. This weekend, my beloved iMac hit the dust and my computer access this week will be limited, as the authorized Apple…

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On the move

I’m pulling up and heading out….well, at least in my real life. I’m shoulders-deep in moving boxes and tonight we finally packed up (almost) everything. Some of our more delicate items will be moved tomorrow but the majority of things…

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eeek, a meme: 5 things about me

Ages ago I was tagged by the lovely ximena, (whose fantastic lobstersquad is one of my favorite blog reads) to participate in the “5 things about me” meme. Sometimes I wonder if I overextend my internet life and maybe there…

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hello, my name is

Fiber of 28 Cooks has created a Behind the Apron round-up so that food bloggers could post a photo of themselves “…revealing as much (tastefully, of course) or as little as you want. Introduce yourself, show us your family, do…

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hello! i love food: an introduction

Just a few facts about me: my name is Jeannette and I work as a designer in Vancouver, BC. I grew up doing most of the cooking for my family back in Ontario and continued to cook and expand my knowledge as I got older.

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