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baking with booze: scotch whiskey oat cake

I’m no stranger to baking with booze. I’ve used a red dark ale in cake and some Jack Daniels in a batch of vegan chocolate cupcakes. But I’ve never poured a decent, peaty-tasting scotch into something I was going to…

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irish soda bread with fennel & cinnamon

Heavy, dense, tasteless, dry. Often these are words used to describe the brick-of-a-loaf also known as Irish soda bread. Its bad rap had me wary but I overcame it when I saw Buff Chickpea’s lovely looking loaf. The fact that…

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hide under a blanket of this: colcannon with leeks

Today kind of sucks. It’s grey outside and I feel sluggish. Spending the rest of the day under a heavy wool blanket pulled over my head is pretty tempting right now. Instead, I’ll write about this dish I made a…

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peasant fare: braised red cabbage

St. Patrick’s Day has come and gone and normally I don’t do much for the holiday. I’m not Irish nor do I fancy to drink gut-rot green beer. However, I am a fan of cabbage and hey, isn’t that something…

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