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finger foods for a crowd: goat cheese stuffed dates & green bean/asparagus bundles

Last week, my mother-in-law asked if I wouldn’t mind making some appetizers as she was having a garden party to launch her latest book. Although I responded enthusiastically, I was a bit worried since I don’t really have much experience…

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sautéed pea shoots, asian-style

I live on the outskirts of Chinatown where the markets are filled with all kinds of weird and wonderful things. While I’m not particularly attracted to the lizards on sticks, I will try various greens. Last weekend I headed over…

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happy easter: hot cross buns with cinnamon icing

I grew up eating hot cross buns at Easter. My mom would come back from the grocery store with a bag filled with a double layer of 8 hot crossed buns. We’d heat them up in the oven for a…

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transitioning into spring: vegetable stir fry with lemon-miso sauce

For the past week, I’ve been relishing the spring weather in all it’s bounty. It’s been asparagus this and fresh strawberry that and I even managed to get in a game or two of badminton! However, when I looked into…

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hey, good looking: pasta primavera

I’ve really been getting the hang of working full time…and it’s only 2 more weeks before I go back to my slacker life of working from home. I’ve got my daily routine pretty much set and I’ve discovered that when…

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spring fling: lemon asparagus pasta

When I cook, I try not to add more fat that I should. While Cornelius could stand to “fatten up”, I’m always trying to fight the good fight. I’ve always been quite content and even pleased with how many dishes…

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