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quick veggie stir fry sticky rice bowl

I’m new to the ways of sticky rice in my kitchen. We never had it growing up – brown rice, parboiled rice and regular old white rice were the standard. As an adult, I’ve used Jasmine, Basmati and Brown on…

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make this now: roasted chicken thighs with miso and ginger

I always have miso in the fridge. While it’s not something not usually considered a kitchen staple in North American households, I love having it close by. Not only does it last forever – hello, fermented rice paste! – but…

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magic spicy peanut sauce

Aww yeah, this is where the magic happens. 4 burners on a tiny electric stove in dark and tiny galley kitchen. I definitely dream of the time when I’ll have a truly beautiful kitchen with a window, a dishwasher and…

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sautéed pea shoots, asian-style

I live on the outskirts of Chinatown where the markets are filled with all kinds of weird and wonderful things. While I’m not particularly attracted to the lizards on sticks, I will try various greens. Last weekend I headed over…

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the calm before the storm: kung pao vegetables with tofu & udon

I’m back from Ontario and I’m a bit panicked. There’s so much to do and Christmas is only a week away! I did a some pre-homemade gifting to take with me to my family, but there’s still much stuff kicking…

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oh, summertime: chicken & vegetable stir-fry

Stir-fries are probably the most common go-to dinner in this lil’ apartment. Quick to cook, stir-fries are more than ideal for hot summertime kitchens, plus it’s a healthy option and you can mix up the flavours and ingredients and always…

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