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meme: my favorite foods

I was tagged by Tanvi for the “name your 10 favorite foods” meme. I remember asking Cornelius before we dated what his favorite food was and he replied “flour”. I can’t believe I married this boy. my favorite foods: 1.…

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texas treats

I was so pleased to finally receive my package from Crystal! It may have arrived a little worse for wear (damn you, careless postal workers!) but minus a couple of broken jars, I love my package from Austin. What does…

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crafty cakes!

On Friday night, I got busy with a button press and some old cake illustrations that I had drawn using Illustrator (plus a couple images that came from clipart). I think they turned out rather nicely! Ready to eat. I…

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wedding + honeymoon = tasty!

On June 25, C and I decided to tie the knot and get hitched up all legal-like. Getting prepared for the wedding was actually quite fun and all the design, crafting and baking were definite stress relivers. Half of the…

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hello! i love food: an introduction

Just a few facts about me: my name is Jeannette and I work as a designer in Vancouver, BC. I grew up doing most of the cooking for my family back in Ontario and continued to cook and expand my knowledge as I got older.

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