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a tart tingler: sour cherry smoothie

Me and fruit have a rocky past. Most tropical fruits except for pineapple, no thank you.¬†All stripes and dimples of melons is another no-go.¬†Bananas and me have never been friends (well, except when it comes to banana bread & then…

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drink it up: banana eggnog smoothie

Alright, I swear, this is my last beverage post for a little while. 3 drink posts in a row? Well, I guess it’s time to bottoms up! For anyone who has been reading this blog for a while knows that…

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sicko: pretty in pink smoothie

There was a time when I got sick constantly. It probably didn’t help matters that I lived with a roommate who had a disease that left her immune system weak and was always having colds & sniffles or that we…

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