Tag: cinnamon

the sweetest sunday: apple-cinnamon pancakes

Last weekend, we went on a short bike ride and stopped for breakfast at the midway point. I took the unconventional route and ordered a burger, but Cornelius loves tradition and ordered the HUGE breakfast complete with eggs, bacon, fruit…

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banana fana fo fana: willie nelson’s famous banana bread AKA ubc cake

Cornelius loves bananas. I hate ’em and I welcome their untimely demise. There is only one instance where I welcome their sickly sweet and slimy texture…it’s a version of banana bread that won me over at our local bakery, called…

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baked oatmeal

After cursing that the OC had been replaced by a baseball game, I went on my computer to drown my sorrows in ones and zeros. I discovered a new food blog and decided that I was going to make this…

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