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rising to the challenge: cinnamon buns with dried cranberries & lemon zest

Sometimes in order to attain comfort you must move outside your comfort zone. I shy away from finicky recipes. Complicated steps and unfamiliar ingredients scare me a little bit. But I do push myself to try new techniques or try…

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naan bread – easier than you think

Now that it’s fall, it’s a perfect time to dig into curries, hearty soups and stews. And there’s nothing better than freshly baked bread to help sop up all that goodness. One rainy dark night with the thoughts of curry…

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no knead bread

Easter Monday is kind of a weird day. Is it a holiday? I’m pretty sure it is in Canada, many shops and businesses are open but banks, libraries and most offices are closed. I’m feeling a bit torn. I have…

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easy as pie: the best pizza ever

Making pizza is a snap. Once you’ve got some dough made, putting the ingredients together and making something truly sensational that you’ve made from scratch isn’t very difficult or time-consuming at all. And it tastes way better than anything you’d…

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happy easter: hot cross buns with cinnamon icing

I grew up eating hot cross buns at Easter. My mom would come back from the grocery store with a bag filled with a double layer of 8 hot crossed buns. We’d heat them up in the oven for a…

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