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a twist on morning oats: pan fried oatmeal

Cold mornings loves a hot breakfast and oatmeal is pretty much our mainstay for the winter months. I make it straight up but will often bake it (two different ways), or mix things up a bit with steel cut oats…

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smitten with apples: chai-spiced apple oatmeal bread

There is nothing like a tart, crisp apple. I love apples and autumn and all the comforts that come along with it: hot apple cider, apple pies and those rare days of crisp autumn weather. Thankfully, this past weekend was…

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pantry raid: vanilla almond granola

I’m definitely in holiday mode, not cooking mode. Truth be told, there’s not a lot of baking or cooking going on when there’s itineraries to think about, travel forums to peruse, and how to pack 35 days of clothing &…

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the plain & simple truth: perfect pancakes

I’ve been making pancakes for as long as I can remember. It always seemed really easy. Mix flour, baking powder, milk and eggs and you’ve got pancakes. I’ve never really given them that much thought and truth be told, I’ve…

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morning oats: scottish oatmeal

If you’ve been reading this blog for a while now, you’ve certainly been made aware that I love oatmeal. I’ve made steel cut oats for breakfast, two different kinds of baked oatmeal and some gussied-up porridge. What I have never…

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