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three’s a crowd: green lentil soup with coconut milk & warm spices

Clearly, I am the reluctant food blogger. This space has taken a back seat to work. I now have 2 jobs – co-owner of a web design business that I run with my husband and now a hobby-turned-real-live-business, my greeting…

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take back the soup: wild rice, chickpea + kale soup

2014 is the year of soup. At least in my kitchen. As it’s well documented that my husband isn’t a fan, but I love soup and I’m reclaiming it for my own. Me and soup forever! Soup is what I…

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a warm hug in cabbage form: stove-top braised green cabbage with apples

I’ve been running my own web design business for nearly 10 years and I still never get used to the slow times. This past spring and summer were slower than it had been in years and it got me a…

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lentil love: creamy broccoli & red lentil dal

Oh you know, I was sitting back the other day talkin’ about lentils with a couple of friends (true story). They were discussing the merits of  french green lentils and black lentils but I think they were disrespecting the red…

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rainy day soup: red lentil mexican soup

For a good solid week or two, Vancouver was trapped in the arms of summer. Smiles were given out to random strangers, windows and doors were left wide open, and the world just seemed that much better. But over the…

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a dinnertime comfort: smoked tofu & vegetable pot pie

January is a weird month for me. It starts off well – I’m inspired, positivity is seeping from my pores, I’m attacking new projects, I’m getting shit done. Then I stumble, I wipe myself off and am back at it,…

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