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take back the soup: wild rice, chickpea + kale soup

2014 is the year of soup. At least in my kitchen. As it’s well documented that my husband isn’t a fan, but I love soup and I’m reclaiming it for my own. Me and soup forever! Soup is what I…

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8 years today + a whipped lemon feta dip

Last April we moved into our new place. It’s bigger than our last apartment, with lots of windows that fill our place with so much light that I sometimes have to pinch myself. Our kitchen is still small – just…

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spicy roasted tomato & black bean soup

The pressure is on! Tomorrow is the first day of the Vancouver One of a Kind Show & Sale and there is all kinds of prep work that needs to be done. Walls are painted, shelves are installed, cards &…

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bouchon’s simple roast chicken

There were a few smattering doubts when a day or two of cool-ish weather rolled in, but we are in the thick of summer right now. Fans are blowing, afternoon getaways for gelato are required and a slow walk to…

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i like good smells: fragrant jasmine rice & jerk-spiced tofu

I love stuff that smells good. This soap is one of my favorites and after washing up, it’s hard not to stop sniffing my hands. And a little while ago, I bought this candle and while I haven’t even lit…

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born in the 70′s: braised green cabbage / brown rice with mushrooms

I curse the Vancouver winters for the short amount of daylight. Many days, we don’t even get to see the sun…just grey, grey, grey. The lack of natural light (along with our apartment’s low-energy bulbs) makes my photos brown and…

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