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summer squash & tomatoes: simple summer pasta

Oh, it’s that time of the season. Zucchinis have invaded your garden, your CSA share and your local farmers markets. Maybe you have “kind” & giving neighbours who foist gigantic summer squash in your direction or you discover a mystery…

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a happy combo: golden squash coconut-chocolate chip loaf

Chocolate, coconut and my taste buds are a winning trifecta. My taste buds don’t lie. In the past I’ve made ice cream, granola, chewy squares, almond joy copycats, banana bread, and my favourite macaroon squares. And now I can add…

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how to eat your vegetables: late summer stewed vegetables

Can I tell you something? It’s stupid and I know it, but sometimes I’m afraid of my vegetable drawer. Well, what’s in it to be exact. Being a member of a farm share is beyond wonderful, but it can be…

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golden hour: late summer vegetable & orzo bake

I love late summer. It’s not deathly hot outside and the air is comfortable and breezy. I love how the sun sits low in the sky and gives everything a golden, rosy glow. Everything seems much more precious because soon autumn…

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farm bounty: shaved summer vegetable salad

I have a squash drawer in my fridge and it tends to fill up rather quickly this time of year. Thanks to our CSA, we get weekly deliveries of cucumber, patty pan squash, yellow and green summer squash, and zucchini…

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quick summer squash & pea saute

What a bright and delightful part of the meal this dish was! I’m looking back on this meal fondly because right now with my husband away on a 2 week bicycle trip I’m doing a lot less eating and hardly…

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