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100 breakfast proof: pina colada fruit salad

Pineapples are one of my favorite fruits. I love them plain, grilled or shoved into a burger. It doesn’t take much to transform the pineapple into something special. When we were couch-surfing in Utrecht last September, our hosts had served…

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canada day muffins! berry smash muffins

Happy Canada Day! I’ve been up early getting started so that I can relax before our friends arrive for a little Canada Day bbq and fireworks watching from our balcony. I’ve got a mixed bean salad marinating in the fridge,…

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the not-so-humble crumble: three fruit crumble

One of the easiest desserts ever is the humble crumble. Or crisp. Whatever you call it, it barely calls for a recipe and it’s delicious. When a crumble presents itself on the table, Cornelius is ready to bow down in…

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sicko: pretty in pink smoothie

There was a time when I got sick constantly. It probably didn’t help matters that I lived with a roommate who had a disease that left her immune system weak and was always having colds & sniffles or that we…

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