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happy birthday cake: jam cake with salted caramel chocolate ganache

A day before my husband’s birthday, I handed him a cake cookbook and told him to pick himself out a birthday cake. So he picked this jam cake with a chocolate ganache, swayed in part, by the photo. I figured…

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i have reached biscuit nirvana: feather-light drop biscuits

I’m back from my bike travels and it was a good trip. No disasters, no road rash, just calm country island roads. There wasn’t as much bike-riding as in our past rides, but it was leisurely and it was nice…

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a blanket of richness: ham and cheese spoonbread

This past week, I spent a lot of time opening and closing cupboards in the hopes that something would grab my attention. I was trying to eek out a couple of meals out of my barren cupboards and I wanted…

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some velvet afternoon: red velvet (cup)cake

I love red velvet cake. I remember hearing so much about this fabled Southern dessert that when I actually made it for the first time, I was a bit disappointed that the only thing that made it red was the…

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southern hospitality: lemon ice tea + pulled pork sandwiches + incredible lemony potato salad + lemony-garlicy green beans

Last night I felt inspired enough to make an entire meal with drinks, a main course, a couple of sides and a dessert. It even had a Southern theme! Unfortunately, my camera died before I could take a photo of…

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