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play with your food: accordion (aka hassleback) potatoes

Growing up, my mom made accordion potatoes on special occasions. I loved them because they seemed super fancy but also their shapes were totally appealing and very kid-friendly. My mom always sprinkled the tops with breadcrumbs which made the tops…

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tomato, zucchini & caramelized onion tian

I grew up thinking that I hated zucchini. My husband felt the same way and I think we bonded over this. Us against zucchini was one of our rallying cry! And then three years ago, we joined a CSA. And…

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perfect pan-roasted chicken thighs

I love super simple recipes like this. Especially when the result is so tasty that I’m ready to fill my plate for seconds and I’m visibly crushed because I know there’s none left in the pan. Poor me, I’ll just…

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happy anniversary to me: french-style carrot salad

In 2001 I started a blog, except it wasn’t called blogging back then. It was an online diary and I kept a pretty low profile though I had some very wonderful online friends. I wrote about my heartbreak, my friends…

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