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jumping the queue: garlicky stir-fried shrimp & green beans with fresh dill

Long ago I stopped comparing myself to other bloggers. I can’t get it together to make my meals look like they’re from a magazine shoot. I want to take better photos, but I also have a list of at least…

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spicy masala shrimp with zucchini and coconut rice

The last few months have been hectic with work so I found it hard to take time out and do the things I enjoy. So this week, I made time for friends and for adventure and for bike rides. It…

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beautiful magic: spicy roasted broccoli & shrimp

If there’s a meal that could make me shout my love from the rooftops, this recipe might just be the one. Forget that I had my camera settings all wrong when I took these photos – who could blame me…

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dammit, pomegranate: chipotle shrimp with a citrus pomegranate salad

Way before everyone starting touting the pomegranate as the latest miracle wonder food, I was already an old pro at this tart and refreshing fruit. Back in grade six, my mom kept me in fine pomegranate style. I was smitten…

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let’s have a pumpkin carving party: peel ‘em & eat ‘em prawns + roasted pumpkin seeds

Since my pumpkin cupcakes were not scary in the least, I decided that I had to have some creep-out factor to my pumpkin carving party (our library dvd copy of jeepers creepers didn’t do the trick after all). A couple…

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