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hello, awesome party time with huaraches!

Last winter while exploring the quaint little city of Victoria, BC, I stumbled into a hidden away Mexican restaurant called Hernande’z and discovered my new favorite dish – huaraches. Then a few months later, I found myself in Fort Greene,…

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mexican nacho pizza

My pizza dough recipe was wack. You made it and you liked it. Phew! I’ve made some pretty interesting pizzas in my past. Remember when I made a pizza with goat cheese, spinach and figs? Or that time when I…

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the small joys: bean & veggie burrito

I’ve totally been craving Shepard’s Pie, or pretty much anything that comes from the oven all toasty with childhood memories. It’s too hot for that now, but the days are getting shorter and summer is coming to an end (it…

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my lunch is better than your lunch: roasted veggie vegan burritos

I just made the best lunch ever. There is no photographic evidence of lunch since my camera batteries died. You’ll just have to take my word for it. This recipe should make quite a few burritos and I’ve got lots…

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