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picnic planning: summer bulgur & chickpea salad

Salads that double as a meal are what I tend to eat come summertime. They should be hearty so you’re not left feeling hungry an hour later and they should be filled with the bounty that summer provides. This bulgur…

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salad days: warm or cold farro salad with asian vinaigrette

I’ve played around with farro before – throwing it into a root vegetable soup and a couple salads, but because my everyday market didn’t carry it, I only used it occasionally  But last year I moved out of Chinatown where farro was…

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jump on the salad party bandwagon: chopped salad platter

The week before a craft show is full of crazy. Even though I prepped and planned a whole lot earlier than I would normally do, it’s still causing me stress. New designs, new products, a cute new garland for my…

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how to eat your vegetables: late summer stewed vegetables

Can I tell you something? It’s stupid and I know it, but sometimes I’m afraid of my vegetable drawer. Well, what’s in it to be exact. Being a member of a farm share is beyond wonderful, but it can be…

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vegetable management: chopped mediterranean salad

I’ve been with our CSA for the past 4 years now, but this is the first year where I’ve felt that I’ve really got a handle on things. Previously, cucumbers would get mushy at the back of the crisper or…

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dinner salad: farro & greens cranberry crunch salad

For the past few weeks, I’ve been making a salad almost every day. Maybe it’s all in preparation for coming of spring, but I’ve got a serious hunger for greens. Usually, it’s just been a simple green salad with a…

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