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a spring thing: kale and ricotta galette + looking for some mid-west travel tips

I’ve been in a cooking mood lately and also a having friends over for dinner mood. Yes, those are 2 very distinct moods. For quite a while now, I haven’t been having people over for dinner because I found it…

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apple & sour cherry pie with crumb topping

Making pies gets me all nervous. I talk a lot, I pace the floor of our tiny galley kitchen, and past pie crust goofs are replayed ad nauseum in my head. In other words, making a pie crust turns me…

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retro recipe: pumpkin chiffon pie

This past weekend was Thanksgiving and oh boy, did we eat! It was a meal of firsts. I brined a turkey and it seriously was the best turkey ever. I’m sure it helped that we used a free-run organic beast,…

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i’m hooked on blackberries: cornmeal pate brisee & blackberry-peach galette

Ahhhh, freshly picked blackberries…what’s not to love? Free, juicy bites of sun-ripened perfection. Sure, the cuts and scrapes can be a real pain, but I can take it. I love scouring my neighbourhood for the best berries and earlier this…

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