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sweet yams in the summertime: southwest potato salad

After my last few posts of cakes, muffins and cookies, I figured I better post a salad. I made this for dinner the other night because I wanted to use up the yams lingering around my vegetable drawer. Truth be…

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picnic fun times!

While in New York, I plan on doing a lot of picnic eating. Picnic eating while traveling is a lot different from picnic eating while at home. While traveling, it usually involves picking up something readymade like a $3 B├ính…

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millet, lentil & beet salad

When I discovered millet, I was instantly smitten. Along with millet, this salad is full of lentils, crisp vegetables and beets…roasted and sweetened, staining everything in their path. I’m certain my mom would love this salad and if she was alive and well, I’d email her the recipe. Instead, I’ll post it here as it’s wonderful, hearty and makes a great dinner on a hot night or would be ideal to take to a picnic or bbq. C’est delicieux!

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i eschew modern convenience: fresh vietnamese spring rolls with lime-ginger dipping sauce

I hate turning down presents, but last week, I totally did. For my birthday, Cornelius bought me a food processor which has been on my list of things I totally want for ages. I got it, I tried it, I…

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holiday beach picnics: roasted tomato pasta salad

This weekend was all about relaxation, fun times, good food and great friends. Holiday weekends, you are perfect! Cornelius and I missed out on the largest Critical Mass bike ride because we had free tickets to see the Vancouver Whitecaps…

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oh merry month of may (plus a burrito recipe)

May 16: For dinner I made the “Three Sisters Burrito” from the Rebar cookbook. I changed the recipe around to make up for what I had in the fridge and it was tasty.

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