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quick veggie stir fry sticky rice bowl

I’m new to the ways of sticky rice in my kitchen. We never had it growing up – brown rice, parboiled rice and regular old white rice were the standard. As an adult, I’ve used Jasmine, Basmati and Brown on…

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perfect pan-roasted chicken thighs

I love super simple recipes like this. Especially when the result is so tasty that I’m ready to fill my plate for seconds and I’m visibly crushed because I know there’s none left in the pan. Poor me, I’ll just…

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the magic salad: fresh corn & black bean salad

Friday evening meals at our house are usually of the uncomposed variety. Especially in the summer and even more so when the weather is hot and we’re extra tired from a long day of work. There’s lots of languishing and…

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tahini ginger slaw

Sorry, I forgot to take a photo of the slaw pre-demolition. All I have left is a dirty bowl. Proof that the slaw was indeed delicious. I had been seeing a few coleslaw recipes popping up lately and I decided…

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