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Be a better human: miso-braised cod with soba salad

I love miso for it’s patience. It’s one of those ingredients that can sit in the back of the fridge and just wait until you remember it’s there. It is quiet and strong all at once and I always feel…

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soup-ernatural: creamy chicken & vegetable soup

Movie trucks, production assistants and traffic hold-ups are a regular sight in “Hollywood North”. In our ‘hood, production shoots are pretty much a monthly occurance as apparently, this small neighbourhood is a movie location scout’s dream. Almost every week there…

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leave your fancy pants in the closet: paprika chicken & vegetable stew

One of my best friends is taking 6 months out of her Vancouver life to ride her bike to Mexico with her boyfriend. They are still enroute, but after weeks of cycling in the rain and wind and cold, they…

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pee poop: easy green pea soup

Cornelius isn’t a soup-lover. Matzo ball, yes. Asian soups, yes. Most other soups, a definite no. My New Year’s resolution this year is to make more soups and let the husband fend for himself. I used to make soups constantly,…

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