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spicy red kidney bean dip

This dip saved my ass. A couple weeks ago I needed a quick snack to whip up for some friends stopping by. I checked the cupboard and saw a can of kidney beans and then hopped online and found…

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crunchy sweet & spicy freezer pickles

Canning is something that I’m afraid to try. It’s a stupid fear, but a fear none the less. I’ll get over it. Just like I did with yeast and bread making. I can do it. But in the meantime, I’m…

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how to make a really awesome chicken dinner for a rainy day.

This is something that a mom would make, except that mine never did. Not that my mom had anything against a dish like this because she did make a very similar pot roast recipe involving beef. But this dish has…

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pepper & onion fajita wraps

Years ago when I still lived in Ontario I met someone who would eventually turn into one of my closest friends. We worked in the same record store, listened to the same music and wore the same thrift store clothes.…

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this ain’t yer mama’s turnip: braised turnips, onions & carrots

It’s hard to make turnips sexy. They’re beige, rooty things without a whole lot of star power. When they’re on the table they’re relegated to the sidelines and rarely make the main event. Hardly anyone comes away from a meal…

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gravy train!!! miso gravy

note: When I wrote this post, I had misplaced this vegan recipe zine. This morning I found it & took a photo of it! If you’d like to buy it, here’s a link. It’s also available through Amazon. Our apartment…

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