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southwestern black bean burger

I do make veggie burgers at home, and I’ve posted a couple recipes here in the past. But what I have never made was a bean burger. Maybe I assumed the texture would be off. I was wrong.

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wholesome pecan banana bread waffles

I woke up one morning with the urge to make waffles. I confess that it is a common urge, but one that I often don’t act upon. Usually a cup of coffee sets me straight and I go straight to…

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bakery hack: smart cookies

One of my favorite cookies is the Power Cookie sold at Capers Markets around town. It’s freaking delicious and it’s filled with all kinds of nuts and seeds and other good things. After devouring one quickly on the street, I…

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live long and prosper: chai-spiced oat bran

This new year has started off with a bang. I’ve got a lot on my plate….at least work-wise while the rest of my plate, or rather my cupboards are suffering from some good ol’ Mother Hubbard-ism. I just haven’t had…

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