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c’mon spring, let’s get on with it! chicken pot pie with cheddar-biscuit topping

April has been turning out to be a pretty crazy month. Not only are taxes due at the end of the month, but the weather which should be by all accounts spring-like and warm, is too damn chilly for my…

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stank you very much: spicy tofu with shiitake mushrooms

Sorry for all of this quiet on the blog front, but this past weekend my little brother got all married up in a small and beautiful ceremony. This was also the weekend that a crazy snow storm hit Southwestern Ontario.…

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soup-ernatural: creamy chicken & vegetable soup

Movie trucks, production assistants and traffic hold-ups are a regular sight in “Hollywood North”. In our ‘hood, production shoots are pretty much a monthly occurance as apparently, this small neighbourhood is a movie location scout’s dream. Almost every week there…

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leave your fancy pants in the closet: paprika chicken & vegetable stew

One of my best friends is taking 6 months out of her Vancouver life to ride her bike to Mexico with her boyfriend. They are still enroute, but after weeks of cycling in the rain and wind and cold, they…

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get your veg on: roast vegetable pasta bake

It was so sunny and bright and warm this afternoon that I spent a lot of time wandering my neighbourhood. It was a welcome relief from being chained to the computer working on client projects. The sun was strong and…

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ode to joy: boeuf bourguignon

If Christmas is anything, it sure is filled with food. For treats to give away, I made 2 kinds of chocolate bark (one white chocolate/candy cane and one vegan dark chocolate/salted mixed nuts), a peanut butter/dark chocolate fudge, vegan chocolate-peanut…

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