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you don’t need sassy, you need spice cake

Some of the best things, when put to paper, oftentimes just don’t sound that spectacular. Spice cake? Really? It just doesn’t have the ring of awesomeness. Holy-Mother-Flipping-Totally-Rad-Spice-Cake, maybe. Please do not let the lackluster photo or hum-drum name sway you…

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the magical fruit: pineapple baked beans

When I was a kid I loved eating baked beans from a can. They had to be the kind that contained maple syrup and I’d definitely pick over that 1 gigantic fatty piece of bacon that seemed to mutate from…

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prepare for an ass-whoopin’: vegan ginger gems

When I bake things for just me and the husband, I don’t go to too much work. I like to keep things simple and relatively foolproof. But sometimes, when I’m having guests over, I like to guild the lily to…

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vegan girl’s night: vegan chocolate chip gingerbread softies

On Saturday night, my friend Kristen’s apartment was being invaded by a whole wack of Monopoly playing, beer drinking boys (Cornelius included), so she came by for a bit of a respite. Our plan: chill out with some relaxing girl…

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warm up a little: chicken & bean chili

It’s dark and gloomy and the weather is always threatening rain, but this simple meal really hits the spot. This recipe originally comes from Martha Stewart’s little magazine, Everday Food. I’ve made it several times and have played with the…

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short and sweet: chocolate chip & ginger cookies

Tonight’s dinner was left over bbq pork/vegetable stirfry that I made last night to rave reviews from Cornelius. Dessert? Gingerbread chocolate chip cookies from a Martha Stewart recipe. I didn’t follow the recipe exactly, as I didn’t flatten the dough,…

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