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hot dog! creamy russian potato salad

I didn’t grow up eating potato salad. Green salads and mixed bean salads were often found on the dinner table but potato salad just wasn’t a thing in our house. That’s okay because I quickly made up for my potato-salad-less…

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fresh corn & tomatoes, oh my! crunchy & creamy late summer salad

I’m not one a goal keeper. I don’t make 5 year plans, 10 year plans and I even find myself scrambling to plan the week ahead. But the other day, I found a list on my computer that I had…

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long summer weekends: my take on sam’s slaw

For nearly the past week, the entire Pacific Northwest has been given a heat advisory. Coming from Ontario where the summers are hot and muggy, this advisory – where temperatures got up to just over 30° C (aka 86° F),…

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curried red lentil & mushroom burgers (& a recipe for homemade mayonnaise)

It’s been a while since I’ve made some veggie burgers, but when faced with a major cupboard clean-up, coming up with recipes from meager beginnings is a fun challenge. I had a small amount of red lentils in my cupboard…

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sesame dip of goodness

My friend introduced me to an amazing dip and I’ve become sorta addicted to it. She calls it The Sesame Dip of Goodness. It is. However, you probably wouldn’t give it a second look. It’s beige and a bit lumpy…

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salad on the go: chopped waldorf wraps

When I like a meal, I make it over and over again. I had spied this recipe over at Just the Food and knew that I’d be a fan of those beautiful chopped waldorf wraps. Apples, dried cranberries and nuts?…

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