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a happy combo: golden squash coconut-chocolate chip loaf

Chocolate, coconut and my taste buds are a winning trifecta. My taste buds don’t lie. In the past I’ve made ice cream, granola, chewy squares, almond joy copycats, banana bread, and my favourite macaroon squares. And now I can add…

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cinnamon crumble quick bread

I haven’t really been in a baking mood which is odd since it’s fall and baking should come pretty naturally. Cinnamon, pumpkin, apples…those are all perfect flavours that work well on those wet and cool days. However, even with all…

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completely smitten, cranberry & blood orange loaf

I’ve been completely taken with blood oranges. They’re everywhere in the markets now and it is a lovely way to send off winter. Pink, fragrant and just a little bit tart, I love you blood orange, you make me hopeful!…

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banana fana fo fana: willie nelson’s famous banana bread AKA ubc cake

Cornelius loves bananas. I hate ‘em and I welcome their untimely demise. There is only one instance where I welcome their sickly sweet and slimy texture…it’s a version of banana bread that won me over at our local bakery, called…

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