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eat hungrily: chickpea & romaine salad with lemon-parmesan vinaigrette

It’s hot. Finally. And I’m sucking back a homemade popsicle just so that I can cope with the heat a little better. You see, there are very few places in Vancouver that have air conditioning (the joys of a temperate…

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millet by a landslide: broccoli, chickpea & millet salad

I love salads that are meals in their own right. And a salad that looks like springtime? Well, even better. Better because while the calendar says spring, the weather outside isn’t co-operating. We have cherry blossoms but unfortunately, this week,…

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simple sides: warm cauliflower salad & green salad with tarragon dressing

On Monday night our bowling league game was cancelled since the bowling alley was being used as a film set. Oh well, instead of an brisk bike ride to the lanes and all the resulting good times, I made due…

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salad days: southwest bean & pasta salad

One of the qualities that my husband admires in me is my resourcefulness. He thinks I have the ability to turn what seems like nothing into something wonderful. I hate being wasteful and I’m thrifty by nature, so being resourceful…

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photographic evidence: mexican black bean & tortilla salad

I’m always a little bummed out when I don’t have a photo post for every yummy recipe I make. And because there is no photo in sight for this post, please do not make the mistake that the recipe below…

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dammit, pomegranate: chipotle shrimp with a citrus pomegranate salad

Way before everyone starting touting the pomegranate as the latest miracle wonder food, I was already an old pro at this tart and refreshing fruit. Back in grade six, my mom kept me in fine pomegranate style. I was smitten…

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