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it takes two: one pot mujadara with mashed coconut yams

Nearly six years ago (whoa, has it been that long?) I made koshary, a dish that involved lentils, rice and pretty much every single pot I had at my disposal. The meal was tasty, but it was a lot of…

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three’s a crowd: green lentil soup with coconut milk & warm spices

Clearly, I am the reluctant food blogger. This space has taken a back seat to work. I now have 2 jobs – co-owner of a web design business that I run with my husband and now a hobby-turned-real-live-business, my greeting…

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lentils with fennel, kale & sausage

This weekend we finally got snow, and while most of us Vancouverites are total winter wimps, I admit to loving my Saturday night in the snow. We walked to the newly renovated Waldorf to celebrate a friend’s birthday and by…

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well-worn: lentil spinach soup

I love playing in the kitchen. Trying new ideas, techniques and recipes keep meals exciting and helps me write up new blog posts. Yet, there’s something comforting with the familiar and well-worn. This lentil soup is a very well-worn recipe.…

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root vegetable soup with farro & lentils du puy

This soup is an ode to the last CSA of the season as almost all the vegetables are the local, organic ones from the farm. It’s a hearty soup that is full of flavour and texture. The soup has a mild sweetness from the beets and a bit of heat from the fresh chilis. I wanted to add in some lentils and farro and they were great additions.

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millet, lentil & beet salad

When I discovered millet, I was instantly smitten. Along with millet, this salad is full of lentils, crisp vegetables and beets…roasted and sweetened, staining everything in their path. I’m certain my mom would love this salad and if she was alive and well, I’d email her the recipe. Instead, I’ll post it here as it’s wonderful, hearty and makes a great dinner on a hot night or would be ideal to take to a picnic or bbq. C’est delicieux!

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