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plum cake, because plums are better when cake is involved

Okay, this cake also goes by the name of torte. I’m not sure why, but truthfully I couldn’t care less. This is a good cake with a good New York Times lineage. If you haven’t made it already, I’m not…

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porta-pita: garlicky-kale stuffed pita sandwiches

Weekday lunches are often forgotten about when you work from home. Maybe it’s just me, but often coffee is the first order of business and then an hour or two later comes a bowl of cereal or some toast. Lunch,…

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sunday snacking: citrus cranberry muffins (vegan)

Today is the most beautiful warm and sunny day we’ve had so far this year. Instead of being outside (scrubbing my balcony clean), or riding my bike with some friends, I’m here, indoors (but with my windows fully open), writing…

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knife skills: winter rutabaga slaw

When autumn rolls around, I eat a lot of apples. I will slice up an apple into quarters and start snacking. Granny Smith and Pink Ladies are the 2 varieties I’m loving right now. They’re tart and crisp and full…

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a surprising salad: tangy parmesan celery salad

We rang in 2013 quietly. We spent the late afternoon in a hardware store wondering why dimmer switches were so dang expensive. We bought one anyway along with a new dining room light. Then we headed off to the Burnaby…

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tame the march madness: carrot ginger dressing

Moving apartments. There’s the process of finding boxes, fiddling with packing tape, stacking boxes and boxes of really, really heavy boxes filled with records and books, all while wondering if there really is a need to hang onto that silly,…

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