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quick comfort meal: pasta with cabbage & leeks

This is my take on haluski, a traditional Polish dish made with pasta and cabbage – a perfect weeknight meal because it all comes together quickly. And it’s affordable (uh, cabbage!) that probably uses ingredients that you’ve got hidden away in the fridge…

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creamy broccoli & leek soup

I made this soup in May when it actually seemed like soup weather, however the weather had transformed into summer the very next day. Soup has pretty much been the very last thing on my mind. And the glorious sunny,…

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farm fresh dinner: new potatoes, braised greens and a beet salad

This weekend we got out into the country. On Saturday there was a hike to Lindeman Lake (don’t listen to your guidebook, it’s definitely not “easy”) and afterward, there was time to check out a few local farm markets. I…

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hide under a blanket of this: colcannon with leeks

Today kind of sucks. It’s grey outside and I feel sluggish. Spending the rest of the day under a heavy wool blanket pulled over my head is pretty tempting right now. Instead, I’ll write about this dish I made a…

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stank you very much: spicy tofu with shiitake mushrooms

Sorry for all of this quiet on the blog front, but this past weekend my little brother got all married up in a small and beautiful ceremony. This was also the weekend that a crazy snow storm hit Southwestern Ontario.…

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