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spicy red kidney bean dip

This dip saved my ass. A couple weeks ago I needed a quick snack to whip up for some friends stopping by. I checked the cupboard and saw a can of kidney beans and then hopped online and found…

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totally not cincinnati chili

Why is this post called “totally not Cincinnati chili”? Well, for one, I’ve never been to Cincinnati nor have I had the real deal. The people of Cincinnati are very passionate about their chili and I certainly wouldn’t want to…

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expiration date: red beans and rice

arlier this week, I made for dinner some good ol’ rice and beans. Please excuse the photo as I was only able to snap one blurry shot before my camera battery died. But don’t judge this recipe by one shoddy picture because this meal is so easy to put together and it’s full of flavour and spice.

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time to play catch-up: pasta e fagioli

In spite of yesterday’s rain, today is all sunshine and lollipops. And with that bit of good news, I’m heading off on my bike to explore the city and get a few errands done. But I’ll leave you with a…

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you’re on notice: vegetarian cashew chili

Oh I love Stephen Colbert! It’s been a busy week here at Sandwich HQ. Not only have I been working outside the home during the day, but I’ve been having loads of adventures around town in the evenings. There hasn’t…

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i love leisure: mixed bean salad

Yesterday I had a busy day. Cornelius and I decided to ride our bikes to Pitt Meadows so that we could ride along the Fraser River trails. We saw a couple of bald eagles up close, 2 donkeys and a…

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