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get kinda excited about a big pot of tasty carbs (aka koshary)

Yeah, this is a weird recipe. It’s got a ton of steps, it uses up every freakin’ burner on your stove and then it has the gall to use up another, plus it’s not even that pretty too look at.…

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easy breezy: 3 super quick n’ affordable pasta recipes

Today I give you three recipes. They’re quick, they’re easy and they are definitely affordable. All of ‘em taste good too. These aren’t fancy and they don’t make the prettiest of photos (thank you Poladroid!), but they’re hearty and warming…

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happy new year: pasta with sausage, kale and lentils

In some cultures, it’s traditional to eat lentils on New Years day for good luck, but I decided to get my lentil luck on a little early early and end 2007 off right. I found this recipe on epicurious but…

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like an old sweater, but better: baked pasta with roasted vegetables

It’s been rainy and grey for the past 2 days now and I’m totally getting back into cooking and baking again. It feels good and familiar, like wearing a comfy sweater with holes in the cuffs to poke your thumbs…

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is it spring yet? white bean & kale soup

The weather is playing tricks on me. One moment the sun is shining brightly fooling me into spring and the next it’s dark and rainy. I just don’t get it! The cherry blossoms and daffodils are out despite a crazy…

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get your veg on: roast vegetable pasta bake

It was so sunny and bright and warm this afternoon that I spent a lot of time wandering my neighbourhood. It was a welcome relief from being chained to the computer working on client projects. The sun was strong and…

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