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homemade vegetable stock

Making your own vegetable stock is so easy I feel ashamed every time I reach for that stock cube in my pantry. Now that our CSA is pumping out a huge assortment of local, organic vegetables every single week, I’ve…

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apple & sour cherry pie with crumb topping

Making pies gets me all nervous. I talk a lot, I pace the floor of our tiny galley kitchen, and past pie crust goofs are replayed ad nauseum in my head. In other words, making a pie crust turns me…

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black beluga lentil soup with roasted cherry tomatoes

I’m not yet in the habit of eating raw tomatoes, except if one finds it’s way onto my hamburger. Generally, if I’m going to eat tomatoes, cooked is the way to go. Better yet, is roasting them….it’s kinda my new…

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dill weed, vinegar & some odds and ends

I always figured that I had pretty smart readers, so when one of them recently commented that the best way to keep fresh dill perky was to keep it in a glass of water in the fridge, I listened. It…

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how to make the perfect poached egg

Poached eggs are pretty much my most favorite way to eat an egg. I’ve poached eggs for breakfast, lunch and dinner and never seem to get tired of them. I used to have trouble making the perfect poach and I…

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