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crunch + color: glorious bowl

I’ve always been a┬ávoracious┬áreader, though, I’ve got a few friends who have me beat. They read so many books a month that it puts my book pile to shame. But it’s good because they always have so many interesting books…

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play with your food: accordion (aka hassleback) potatoes

Growing up, my mom made accordion potatoes on special occasions. I loved them because they seemed super fancy but also their shapes were totally appealing and very kid-friendly. My mom always sprinkled the tops with breadcrumbs which made the tops…

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killing me softly: wine-braised short ribs

It’s been pouring rain outside all day long. While I would have rather been inside working (although I did manage to do some of that too), I also ran about doing things like renewing my driver’s license (I don’t drive,…

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anxiously waiting & snacking: french herbed popcorn

Like everyone else, I’ll be glued to the US election results tonight. I think everyone in the world will be watching this election and I’m hoping that Obama gets to be president. My fingers and toes are crossed! It’s so…

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summer holiday: cannellini bean dip with lemon & rosemary

I’ll be away for most of this week. We’ll be bike touring/camping on the San Juan Islands in Washington State which are pretty much just a Southern continuation of Canada’s Gulf Islands. It seems every 2 years we go on…

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condiment city: strawberry salsa & burgers with simple guacamole

Summer seems to be the perfect time to endulge in a little condiment action. With all those picnics and bbqs it seems that mustards, ketchups, salsas and relishes abound. A squirt here and a plop there. Once tomato season rears…

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