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grandma bun: baked eggs in a bun

This week we attended the funeral of Cornelius’ 96 year old grandma who was known to everyone in the family as Grandma Bun. Named so because of the delicious buns she always made for every family gathering. She was a…

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a blanket of richness: ham and cheese spoonbread

This past week, I spent a lot of time opening and closing cupboards in the hopes that something would grab my attention. I was trying to eek out a couple of meals out of my barren cupboards and I wanted…

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the magical fruit: pineapple baked beans

When I was a kid I loved eating baked beans from a can. They had to be the kind that contained maple syrup and I’d definitely pick over that 1 gigantic fatty piece of bacon that seemed to mutate from…

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recovery: black bean soup with ham

Dealing with a small electrial fire, electrians, and finding a new place to live really caught me off guard and into the waiting arms of a big bad sickness. I hate being sick and having this flu was the absolute…

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rainy day breakfast: potato & ham frittata

I awoke this morning to the sound of rain and i pulled up my comforter tight around my face while I reached around the floor for my book to help me stay cozy for a bit longer. When I finally…

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trading places: broccoli-cheese pie

Today a crazy thing happened. Through some kind of magic osmosis, Cornelius and I exchanged places. At 7pm tonight I realized that I hadn’t eaten anything since breakfast! Instead of thinking about food, figuring out what I could prepare for…

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