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a bright spot: autumn chickpea & greens stew

September, you are gorgeous and I wish I could be outside right now to enjoy it all. However, despite the filtered sunshine and the turning leaves, I’ve become a whiny little jerk lately. All because earlier this week I woke…

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italian wedding soup

When I first heard the term Italian Wedding Soup, I assumed that it would be a big production. In my head, the soup would be simmered over the course of 3 days in a pot large enough to serve an…

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braised greens with almonds and an egg on top

Our CSA is off to a slow start this year. I knew what to expect since last year things were the same – relatively small bins until the harvest really kicks into high gear. When I made this Vancouver was…

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sautéed pea shoots, asian-style

I live on the outskirts of Chinatown where the markets are filled with all kinds of weird and wonderful things. While I’m not particularly attracted to the lizards on sticks, I will try various greens. Last weekend I headed over…

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it’s a critical beetdown: my hedge house salad

The last few times I’ve been to Portland, OR I always make sure to visit the Hedge House and eat their house salad. It’s amazing and I just can’t seem to shut up about it. I tried in the past…

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i love the beets & the beets love me: sauteed beet greens with lime and garlic

I’ve always been a fan of the beet. I love their sugary sweet flavour after they’ve been roasted in the oven and I love how they turn everything on your plate a deep shade of pink. I’ve turned a simple…

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