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my once a week go-to salad: creamy fattoush salad

When I think of this salad, I realize just how far I’ve come. I used to hate cucumbers, yogurt skeeved me out, I wasn’t a fan of radishes and eating a raw tomato? Never. But this salad is chock-o-block of…

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hot dog! creamy russian potato salad

I didn’t grow up eating potato salad. Green salads and mixed bean salads were often found on the dinner table but potato salad just wasn’t a thing in our house. That’s okay because I quickly made up for my potato-salad-less…

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fresh! dill yogurt dip for vegetables (& trip suggestions for new orleans)

We’re smack in the middle of January and I don’t even know how that happened. Wasn’t it just New Year’s Eve? Time is clearly not on my side. But I’m very excited about 2014. It’s a new year, a clean…

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fresh corn & tomatoes, oh my! crunchy & creamy late summer salad

I’m not one a goal keeper. I don’t make 5 year plans, 10 year plans and I even find myself scrambling to plan the week ahead. But the other day, I found a list on my computer that I had…

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salad on the go: chopped waldorf wraps

When I like a meal, I make it over and over again. I had spied this recipe over at Just the Food and knew that I’d be a fan of those beautiful chopped waldorf wraps. Apples, dried cranberries and nuts?…

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