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hot damn & hell yeah: curried sweet potato salad with cranberries & pecans

Thanksgiving is long-gone and maybe you’d rather be stamping out gingerbread cookies and wondering if glace cherries deserve another look. But I think you shouldn’t discount this sweet potato salad yet. I had some leftover sweet potatoes and yams in…

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spicy masala shrimp with zucchini and coconut rice

The last few months have been hectic with work so I found it hard to take time out and do the things I enjoy. So this week, I made time for friends and for adventure and for bike rides. It…

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serious spice: vegan garam masala cookies

If you were to do a search on my blog for garam masala you’d find the usual suspects. A pot of┬álentils and apples might be involved. Maybe you’d stumble over┬áchickpeas and tomatoes or tofu with squash. Cauliflower and coconut milk?…

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chana masala

Life seems busier than usual. I feel like I’m swallowed by work and while I’m not complaining one bit, it makes day to day tasks a bit more difficult. I usually do most of the grocery shopping, but as I…

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warm up with winter squash, red lentil & tofu curry

It’s definitely winter-ish outside.The air is crisp and cold and it rains more often than not. Yesterday I wore my winter coat for the first time and while I was glad for the warmth it also was a bit of…

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