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a birthday stunner: chocolate & peanut butter mousse tart

Today is my birthday but this isn’t my birthday cake. On Saturday when I had a couple friends over for dinner I made what I had hoped would be a fudgey and gooey mud pie, but instead I got something…

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happy birthday cake: jam cake with salted caramel chocolate ganache

A day before my husband’s birthday, I handed him a cake cookbook and told him to pick himself out a birthday cake. So he picked this jam cake with a chocolate ganache, swayed in part, by the photo. I figured…

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bittersweet ganache glazed bourbon cupcakes (vegan!)

Today I realized that I totally forgot about my blog birthday….though I guess it’s not one to mark down in the ol’ birthday calendar. Yes, way back in February of 2005 I started this little home o’ mine and four…

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happy new years: glazed chocolate cake with sprinkles

Oh, the holidays…so much going on, lots of parties, and way too many sweets! But c’mon, this rich chocolate cake is way too pretty to ignore. I spied this recipe on the Gourmet website and fell in love with the…

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birthday cake

Well, birthday week 2007 has just about come to an end, I think. But I’m okay with that because I’ve got cake in the fridge to last for a few days more (maybe) and a bountiful supply of fresh lemon…

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