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play with your food: accordion (aka hassleback) potatoes

Growing up, my mom made accordion potatoes on special occasions. I loved them because they seemed super fancy but also their shapes were totally appealing and very kid-friendly. My mom always sprinkled the tops with breadcrumbs which made the tops…

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grilled scallop ceviche

I don’t tend to make fancy food much and because scallops are pricey, they count as fancy in my book. However, after a trip to the Maritimes last summer where I tried scallops for the very first time, I just…

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go big or go home: lemon meringue pie

This is a birthday pie I made for my husband last month. He’s born January 2nd and if there is a time when desserts are the last thing on my mind, January 2nd would be the day. But this pie…

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chicken thighs in riesling

I’m often in amazement of the simple meals I manage to put together. Really, did I just make something taste freakin’ amazing out of the humble crap I found in my fridge? When I found myself with some defrosted chicken…

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retro recipe: pumpkin chiffon pie

This past weekend was Thanksgiving and oh boy, did we eat! It was a meal of firsts. I brined a turkey and it seriously was the best turkey ever. I’m sure it helped that we used a free-run organic beast,…

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tart it up: simple tomato phyllo tart

A few months ago I bought some phyllo dough with the intention of creating something fantastic out of it. It languished in my freezer for quite a while before a near-empty fridge made the decision for me that it was…

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