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drinking vinegars: sour cherry-lime shrub & strawberry-rhubarb black pepper shrub

When I first heard about drinking vinegars, I was instantly shrub-curious. For someone who grew up sneaking pickle juice out of the fridge, a tart, vinegary beverage sounded quite delightful. Portland’s Pok Pok restaurant was where I first became a…

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rhubarb-limeade fizz & a nyc rundown

I’ve been back from New York for over a week now and I’m daydreaming about my visit constantly. Well, that and working because when you go away for 3 weeks you’ve got a lot of work to attend to. And…

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winter warmth: hot spiced tea

It’s finally starting to feel like winter here which is rather lovely. All we need is snow and I’ll be running about throwing snowballs with glee. Snow is pretty rare here and the fact that forecasters are predicting the white…

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summer refresher: raspberry limeade

I woke up this morning to the sound of rain. I’m not going to get too down on this weather since after weeks and weeks of blissful sunshine, I’m sure the tinder dry forests and thirsty crops could use a…

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toast me: the working girl’s lowball

A little while ago, I spent a fews days doing graphic design work in an office. When Friday came around, I was ready for a good, strong drink. I mixed up these babies and it was like pouring heaven into…

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the giving is good: ginger syrup for gingerale

Cornelius found a small grocer near the library where he works that sells bottles of pop shoppe pop (an old beloved soda company from my childhood). We downed the pop (mmmm, black cherry!) and I decided to fill up the…

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